How to feel 30 when you’re actually 55

“A man’s only as old as the woman he feels.” – Groucho Marx

One of those great lines from Americana.

Now that I’m north of 50, I’m pissed.  I hate that my life is passing by and I really worry about my body holding up well enough to enjoy life.  So about seven months ago, my physician had retired.  He was only the second doctor that I’d had in the past 30+ years.  My first doctor had died a few years back.  Then this one retired because he was tired of what this country was doing to the healthcare industry.

So I lend up with a new doctor.  Wow.  What a new road to be on.  This guy sent me out for blood tests immediately and once the tests were back, started tinkering with my chemistry.  Boost of vitamins here, some adjustments there, some shots of testosterone…. Wait a minute.  Testosterone shots?  Really?  Well, he felt a low dose of testosterone would make my body behave more like it was when I was 30.  Hmm.  Had to try it.

So, six months of testosterone injections.  Let me tell you – totally worth it.  I can go out and hike 5 miles a day and lift weights in the gym for 45 minutes a day and I get nice results and recover quickly.  I’m more awake and alert.  I sleep like a baby and I wake up feeling better.  Sex?  Oh yes please.  Sporting award winning wood quite often!

When I started the program, my doctor had me on 10ml per week. I liked it – but I felt like I had A.D.D sometimes.

I went back in for more blood work and visited the doctor with the results.  He looked over all the numbers on my chemistry and said, “everything is really good, but we need to dial back the testosterone a little.  You have the T levels of an 18 year old”.

I asked, “Is that dangerous?

Doctor: “No.  But if I had T-levels this high, I would be consumed with sex thoughts and would not be able to concentrate or get any work done all day”.

Me: “Doc, can you repeat that? I wasn’t listening”.

Yep. That’s the only issue.  So, I’ve been dialing back a little. Experimenting with the amounts.  I actually have been trying everything from 6ml to 9ml per week. Just trying to find that balance point where I can get work done and still get the workout and sex benefits all week.

Now my only aches and pains are in my bones.  Most are okay – but I still tend to get lower back pain and some shoulder and neck pain.  Most of which can be dealt with by a visit or two to a good Chiropractor near me.  I was not a fan of chiropractic before – but as I get in better shape, I find the adjustments helpful and long lasting.

So, here I am at 56 years old.  And with my body chemistry adjustments, I truly feel like a 30 year old (with the sex drive and ‘wood’ of an 18 year old).  I’m pretty damn happy.


I created this site to relive the year we spent in Long Beach, California.  Long Beach is located in Orange County in the greater Los Angeles area.  Long Beach is a very unique place as the whole beach is within the harbor walls.

We first moved to Los Angeles to the greater Glendale area.  We lived in the coolest apartment complex in the area.  After Glendale, we move to Hermosa Beach and lived there for a year.  Hermosa Beach was a lot of fun, however we lived in a two bedroom one bathroom very small place.  We did have a slight view of the ocean from our deck.  Our garage was a one car garage that was very narrow and the place was pretty expensive.

So we decided to check out Long Beach.  We found an apartment at Gallery 421.  This area of Long Beach is walking distance to the harbor where there are shops and restaurants.  The apartment complex we picked was brand new.  The area was considered to be a redevelopment area.  Sitting between Broadway and Third Street.  We were told by management that if we were to venture out, it would be better to walk along Broadway versus Third.  We found out quickly that that was good advise.  My husband ran into a couple of guys in the elevator the first week we were there who were all beat up.  They said they had gotten mugged a couple evenings ago walking up third street.  So from then on we would only walk up Broadway.

The apartment complex was beautiful!  It had a theatre room, large pool with a hot tub, workout room, game room and a doggy wash room.  Our apartment faced the inside of the complex which was very fortunate because we did not realize that across Broadway Street was the police department and fire department.  We did hear sirens a lot but it was not as bad for those who did live on the outside units.  We had two master bedrooms with their own bathrooms, a large deck and spacious kitchen.

We would walk daily down to the harbor sometimes to have lunch or dinner but mostly to walk around the harbor and look at the boats.  There was a small harbor where there were shops and restaurants.  It was so nice to dine outside and look at the boats.  All of the restaurants had outdoor seating.  They all had these great outdoor heaters when it was cold.  There was a Mexican Restaurant, of course a Seafood Restaurant and a few others.  This area is called Shoreline Village.  Along with the specialty shops and restaurants there is a gaming area with a carousel.

There is a beautiful walking area that goes along the water.  You can walk to a light tower and around it.  At the bottom of the hill is the Aquarium of the Pacific where you can see the most beautiful fishes from the Pacific.  In the Aquarium, there is a seal exhibit.  One day we were there and found that if you ran back and forth in front of the window to their exhibit one of the seals will swim back and forth with you.